Linda of London

'Tis the season

For more than 20 years, British Hour Radio presented pre-Christmas special radio programs, culminating with Queen Elizabeth II's Christmas message on Christmas Day, in keeping with its format of news, nostalgia, history, humor and the words and music of the British Isles.

Seattle Schools to receive cash grants and books

Four Cat-a-Van tours are hitting the road to bring the gift of reading to thousands of children in 19 cities across the country.

Queen Anne church helps with disasters

When severe flooding became a crisis in western Washington in January, the local Scientology Disaster Response team provided help to business owners and residents in Snohomish and Duvall.

Police Log

Picky perp actionAn incredible amount of force was necessary, but someone managed to kick in a solid-core, steel-encased back door to get into a home on 30th Ave. S. between 2 and 7 p.m. Feb. 28.The woman who lives there discovered that a laptop in the kitchen had been moved, but that the computer and another laptop in the kitchen weren't stolen. Neither was a bunch of electronics in the living room.But two rings were stolen from her jewelry box. One was a gold, law-school class ring, and the other was diamond bridal-set ring, according to the police report.The woman told police she hated to think he was responsible, but she also said her husband had recently moved out. It also seems her husband is having money problems because he's been unable to pay their son's private-school tuition, according to the woman, who just found out about that recently.

Police Blotter 3/18

Prowl of the weekA side window was bashed in the night of March 5 to get into a vehicle parked in a garage in the 100 block of Second Ave. N. Stolen were a rolling backpack that contained two three-ring binders, a macro camera lens worth $1,000 and a special-edition Lance Armstrong Hewlett-Packard laptop worth $1,500. The victim, who lives in Illinois, told police he was in town doing research for the FBI.

DeBell to speak at school reassignment meeting

Seattle Schools board president Michael DeBell will speak tomorrow night about the progress the district is making on its reassignment plan, a plan that would ultimately put an end to students choosing to attend any of the district's 10 comprehensive high schools.

Our world with 6-legged frogs

From the Bluff

My dream is coming true, and I'll tell you how. In the recent "Frontline" documentary "Poisoned Waters" (view it on its Web site) the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay, along with Puget Sound, were profiled. Watching this two-hour documentary is life-altering because it stretches for good your awareness of sinister happenings beneath the surface of our waters. Let's just say that in 20 years there will be nothing to look at on your whale-watching tour.

Marjorie Rodman Stapp

Marjorie Rodman Stapp passed away in the early morning of May 11, 2009 after spending a Mother's Day with her loving family.

Not a fan of the rant

Dear Mr. Dillon [Mike Dillon, publisher],I left you a phone message but I feel it is important to follow up in writing as well. I am aghast that you allowed Mr. Folger's "Rant" to be published (5/20/09). The author purports to believe that he might be the only person wanting to cut in line for a few "pumps" of coffee, of course free. What if there were five people like him who felt so entitled? A request for coffee is not the same as a request for a spoon, and to assume it should be free because it would otherwise be thrown out, well the same could be said about your newspaper.

Rant leaves reader speechless

Regarding "Inside View - Quick Rant", I am nearly speechless. As I understand it, this customer expects to be able to cut to the front of a line to get a free refill of coffee, (which in most coffee shops you have to pay for), and is offended that the barista continues to help the person in front of him. This arrogant and entitled VIP then proceeds to fault the barista's "Attitude." Don't look now, Sir, but most of us reading this piece are going to be quite clear about who has the attitude problem.

Mark your calendars

Editorial 6/10

As spring eases toward summer, several noteworthy community events are on the horizon.

Chamber recognizes member achievements

The Greater Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce celebrated the achievements of four of its member businesses at its 3rd Annual Awards Luncheon at Ponti Seafood Grill on June 18.

Bulletin 7/8/09

Magnolia's Summerfest Event is going Green! Sustainable Magnolia and the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce are working together to bring recycling to Summerfest this year, July 31 and Aug. 1, on the Community Center fields and West Smith Street. Volunteers are needed. The volunteer shifts are only two hours and then you are off to enjoy Summerfest. For more info. e-mail

Police Blotter 7/29

Marking their territoryIn the 2500 block of First W., multiple residents have discovered that someone has keyed their cars. The link to the cases? It seems that the gouges appear only after the cars have parked in front of one particular house.