Police Log

Picky perp action

An incredible amount of force was necessary, but someone managed to kick in a solid-core, steel-encased back door to get into a home on 30th Ave. S. between 2 and 7 p.m. Feb. 28.

The woman who lives there discovered that a laptop in the kitchen had been moved, but that the computer and another laptop in the kitchen weren't stolen. Neither was a bunch of electronics in the living room.

But two rings were stolen from her jewelry box. One was a gold, law-school class ring, and the other was diamond bridal-set ring, according to the police report.

The woman told police she hated to think he was responsible, but she also said her husband had recently moved out. It also seems her husband is having money problems because he's been unable to pay their son's private-school tuition, according to the woman, who just found out about that recently.

Scary encounter

An Issaquah man who was just minding his own business on the corner of Broadway and E. Denny Way had a encounter of the scary kind around 2:30 p.m. March 1. That's when a Capitol Hill guy he didn't even know allegedly came up behind him, whipped out a box cutter and threatened to slice him up.

The Issaquah man told police he crossed the street to avoid the suspect, but it didn't help. The suspect crossed the street and continued to follow him, according to the report, which notes the Issaquah man whipped out his own pocketknife in a defensive move.

He didn't wait around to see if that did any good, though. The Issaquah man quickly crossed the street again, hopped on a bus and told the driver about his encounter.

The driver called the police, who eventually found and stopped the box-cutter fellow after a short chase. He was busted and booked for aggravated assault.

Entrepreneurial spirits

An underage man living in a University District rooming house on Sixth Ave. N.E. took on-the-job training in the place a little too far the night of Feb. 28.

That's when tipped-off police officers showed up and discovered he was running a bar and charging for drinks in the communal kitchen, where a couple dozen people had gathered to booze it up that Saturday night.

The entrepreneur admitted he'd been selling cocktails that night, and he added that he'd done it in the rooming house a few times before, according to the report.

He had a nifty, but lame, excuse. The man told police he was planning on getting his bartender's license when he turned 21. The guy also admitted he was "hosting events to practice for this by mixing drinks for his guests," according to the report, which notes he even advertised the events on his My Space page.

Police made him empty the 12 bottles of booze he had on hand for the soirée into the sink, and his landlord was talking about evicting the young man as police left.

Tall tales?

A young man in his late teens who was totally hammered attracted the attention of suspicious security guards in Holly Park around 8:30 p.m. Feb. 28, but he also had a tale to tell that prompted a call to police.

According to the young man - who was so intoxicated he was babbling, according to the police report - five or six other guys who identified themselves as members of a neighborhood gang approached him, flashed gang signs and said, "(Eff) your gang!"

He also told police one of them pointed a gun at him before they took off.

But the young man was so inebriated, he couldn't remember what time he was threatened. The teen did say he used to be in a gang, although he declined to say which one, and he admitted that he dresses like a gang member, which draws attention to himself.

The teen also told police the Holly Park gang members are always "beefing" with him and his family, but there are no suspects.

Mindless vandalism

One large and two smaller portable toilets were tipped over near the 3400 block of Phinney Ave. N. between 9 p.m. Feb. 28 and 12:50 the next morning. The big potty also smashed into a car when it was knocked over, which broke a side window on the car.

The report notes the contents of the three portable toilets spilled out as a result of the mindless vandalism.

That wasn't the only damage done that night in the area. A huge rock apparently dropped from the roof of a nearby building also left a large dent in the hood of a car, which also had a dent in the side caused by someone kicking it.

A window on a nearby business was also broken, apparently by a large rock that was left on the ground undernearth it.

Police figure the same people were responsible for all of the damage, but there were no clues as to the suspects' identities.


A University District woman left her debit card in an ATM in the 2600 block of N.E. 46th St. the afternoon of March 1. The card was subsequently used to withdraw $459 in cash from her account and to buy a whole bunch of stuff at businesses that included the University Village AT&T store and a smoke shop.

Birthday bashing

An Everett man ended up in the hospital March 1 after helping his girlfriend celebrate her birthday the night before at a restaurant at N. 65th St. and Greenwood Ave. N.

It seems he upset another man at the party when he stood up from the table around 1 in the morning and knocked over a drink, which spilled on the other man. The other man was so upset about that, in fact, that he punched the victim upside the head a couple of times, according to the report.

Others at the party broke it up, but the other man was still pretty steamed, followed the victim out to the parking lot and allegedly punched him several more times and kicked him when he was on the ground.

Police don't have a lot to go on. The man's attacker is the boyfriend of a woman who's friends with the man's girlfriend, and the couple both came up from California for the party. They had been staying in a Tukwila hotel, but the victim figured the couple had probably headed home by the time he filed the police report. He does have a cell-phone number for the woman in the couple, though.

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