Falling Awake: The walk

A monthly walk is one of many routines that helps keep the author sane and steady.

Recipe: This hearty meal chases away the chill

Cottage pie is a meal traditionally served in areas of Great Britain and Ireland.

Liminality: An invitation to transformative living

It just takes one step to cross a threshold; what step will you take in 2023 that will lead to transformation?

Ode to the moon — healing in darkness

“You do not have to sit outside in the dark. If, however, you want to look at the stars, you will find that darkness is necessary. But the stars neither require nor demand it.”

A perfect dish for a New Year's Day brunch

The late-night revelry of New Year's Eve has made New Year's Day brunch a go-to tradition for millions of people. Staying up until the calendar officially turns from one year to the next at the stroke of midnight can make it harder to get out of bed on the morning of Jan. 1, so there may be no better day to plan a brunch than the first day of the calendar year.

Get Growing: A winter holiday refresh for the garden, the easy way

I’m all about efficiency, which is a kinder way of saying I like to avoid extra work, from my hairstyle and clothes to the garden. I adore coming home to a colorful entryway filled with seasonal color but am less excited about overhauling thickly planted containers every four months.

A warm stew to chase the chill away

As the mercury dips and snow and ice make conditions outside less inviting, a warm and welcoming meal inside can be just what the doctor ordered.

Falling Awake: Looking back at the Italian festival

My good acquaintance Dennis invited me to sign copies of my books at our Italian Festal, and I was thrilled. The invitation gets better: “I can’t find another Italian author this year. People are still hesitant about crowds. You can have the table yourself.”

Nancy Weinbeck: 5 lessons from the for-profit senior living world

I recently attended the Senior Housing News BUILD conference in Chicago, which focused on for-profit providers. As CEO of a nonprofit provider, I was intrigued by hearing what industry leaders on the other side of the aisle had to say. Here are just a few of the gems that stuck with me:

A vegan dish for holiday diners

The holiday season has arrived, and that often means entertaining family and friends while serving tasty meals. When cooking for a crowd, it is important to recognize that individuals might have certain dietary restrictions due to health or personal beliefs, and to plan accordingly.

Delicious soup, perfect for the season

Cooler weather arrives just as prime entertaining season heats up. Those who will be hosting gatherings soon can expand their recipe repertoire to feed guests and keep them satisfied. Borrowing some flavors from the season can make entertaining festive and even more flavorful.

Falling Awake: Love is all you need

“So-oo? You and your husband are a love marriage?” Amargit asked. Amargit is from India where families still arrange most marriages.

Tree Talk: Embracing the Winter Blues

November is here. Days from now through the end of January are as short as summer days are long. The sun comes up and creeps low across the horizon. The sky is often overcast, and drizzle seems the norm. For many, this ushers in the Winter Blues.

Get Growing: The healing power of gardens

Being immersed in the garden does something special to you.

Falling Awake: A good day in our inner city

On a warm evening in early September, a friend came over to watch a movie. What we really wanted was to indulge in the popcorn I would drench in enough butter to make a luscious breather from real life. It is so good to get a breather from real life.