Get Growing: Winter sowing jumpstarts your garden

Gardeners have used “season-extenders” for centuries; for urban gardeners, winter sowing is another tool to consider.

Letter to the editor: Coach Tim Moody impacted many lives

Letters to the Queen Anne & Magnolia News.

Recipe: Fresh potato chips can't be beat

It’s easy to pick up a bag at the store, but why not whip up a fresh batch at home?

Nancy Weinbeck: The importance of sleep spindles

Sleep spindles appear to play a critical role in the processing and retention of memories.

Cook up a classic Philly sandwich

Cheesesteaks are decadent sliced beef sandwiches covered in gooey cheese and served on crusty rolls.

Recipe: Create ravioli with ease

Ravioli can be dressed with different sauces, or even be battered and fried for an appetizer.

Falling Awake: Everything will work out

'Where are you from?' is a common Seattle question. Well, unlike my favorite aunt, I'm still not certain.

Recipe: Get into the Irish spirit

Although corned beef might not be the most authentic Irish cuisine, it has become synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day.

Weinbeck: Who’s afraid of artificial intelligence (AI)?

There is a “big brother” feel to some applications, but the ability to prevent a fall or a UTI from occurring is a game-changer.

Lessons from the 2023 Northwest Flower and Garden Festival

No matter how outlandish, the display gardens are full of take-home ideas to implement in your plot of earth — inside or out.

Recipe: Lemon pound cake brings sunshine to the table

The recipe is made from pantry staples.

Recipe: Warming soup ideal for special diets

Soups and stews are staples of winter — even for those with irritable bowel conditions or sensitivities to FODMAP ingredients.

Recipe: Meatless meals can be crowd favorites

Expanding the possibilities for meat-free meals becomes a priority during Lent.

Recipe: Valentine’s Day indulgence done devilishly right

This Valentine’s Day, couples can share their love for decadent delights by working together to whip up this recipe.

Yes, your garden needs more water

The best way to create a water-saving garden is to create an ecosystem that happens to also be a garden.