Weinbeck: A reflection on 5 years in leadership at Bayview

My five-year tenure as the leader of this community leaves me with a myriad of emotions, as well as a sense of profound learning.

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Bulbs are efficient beings, with all that flower potential somehow packed into a small space.

Savvy Senior: Best cell phones for seniors

For older adults, choosing a cell phone is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Some seniors love the latest high-tech smartphones with high-megapixel cameras, while others prioritize simple phones with basic functions.

Accessorize your food with a spring salsa

A little of this, a little of that, with inspiration from the springtime farmers market: A salsa is more than a red or green sauce drizzled over a taco.

Your Best Life: Sneaky ways to get more veggies

A new study in the journal Science says that city-dwelling humans are losing their ability to digest vegetables, contributing to a decline in metabolic and gut health.

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With the rising cost of plants, it can be pricey and time-consuming to replant containers every few months.

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“What ifs” can lead to a mental hamster wheel of stress and fear.

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The Northwest Flower and Garden Festival hit many high notes this year.

An update on Bayview’s evolution of health care services

Bayview has entered into a partnership with one of the most respected skilled nursing facilities in Washington.

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Advice, tips, and tools for seniors looking to live a healthy, full life.

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Advice, tips, and tools for seniors looking to live a healthy, full life.

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Your Best Life: If we all repeat thoughts, why not make them more positive ones?

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