Park On: The personal, the political, and the escapist

Most times I'm political, recently, I've become reflective. As times continue to prove tough, I think of what's best for my families and friends.

Politics is my escape from all of that. It may seem silly to escape from real life into politics.

Maybe it's the time of year or maybe it's just my time of the year that I tend to focus more on the pomp and circumstance of Washington D.C. The senators and representatives in their suits. President-elect Obama flashing his reassuring smile.

I trust that they're doing their job. I trust that they're serving the American public. I trust that this new administration will do far better than the current bar that hasn't been raised.

I just hope that the world of politics won't disappoint me. I've had enough disappointment already. I've managed to put the personal, the political, and the escapist parts of me into their appropriate compartments.

Does politics play the same role for the rest of the American public as it does for me? Will we see real change happen in the next four years? Will politics continue to be a diversion from the mundane? Will politics be personal, political, or escapist this year?[[In-content Ad]]