'Courageous Lions for Courageous Kids' aims to help Seattle children

Provided to the QAM News

On Feb. 28, the Seattle Police Foundation was honored to partner with the Seattle Police Department Community Service Officer (CSO) Unit and the Harborview Abuse and Trauma Center to formally launch the "Courageous Lions for Courageous Kids" program.

Courageous Lions for Courageous Kids was created by CSO Jeff Steuby, who wanted a way to better serve Seattle kids impacted by abuse, trauma, and violent crime. The program provides a branded plush lion, a personalized certificate of courage, and access to no cost trauma counseling for children in Seattle who experience abuse, domestic violence in the home, or any sort of traumatic, life-changing incident. Steuby went the extra mile to recruit the Harborview Abuse and Trauma Center, which is providing the counseling free of charge to children and families routed to them through the program.

Courageous Lions was funded through the Seattle Police Foundation grant program, which provides grants to the men and women of the Seattle Police Department to help bring their ideas to life. The Seattle Police Foundation is grateful to the generous supporters who make the grant program possible.

“Courageous Lions for Courageous Kids checks all the boxes for us,” said Seattle Police Foundation CEO Cherie Skager. “It not only provides comfort to Seattle kids in their darkest moments, but it also offers a barrier-free pathway to long-term healing through therapeutic intervention.”

A quantity of plush lions, certificates of courage, and pamphlets from the Harborview Abuse and Trauma Center have been distributed to each Seattle Police Department precinct so that they are accessible to patrol officers, detectives, and law enforcement professionals who encounter children in crisis. SPF is thrilled about SPD's partnership with the Harborview Abuse and Trauma Center and is grateful for their mutual commitment to the wellness of Seattle’s youngest community members.

Visit https://seattlepolicefoundation.org/courageous-lions/ for more information.