Seattle Center welcomes new public art


Seattle Center is pleased to welcome a new public art installation to campus, courtesy of Chihuly Garden and Glass. Walking Round Thing is a six-foot tall copper sculpture created by artist Harold Balazs in 1980. This new addition to Seattle Center’s outstanding collection of public art will be unveiled on Monday, June 3 at 9:00 am. As the name suggests, Balazs’ intent was to invite the viewer to walk around and enjoy this sculpture from various perspectives. Its new home, on the plant-filled walkway between the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden and Glass, will enable visitors to do just that.

During the Seattle World’s Fair held at Seattle Center in 1962, Balazs’ artwork was displayed across the fairgrounds. He installed a wooden relief at the entrance to the Forest Industries Theater, a large public sculpture entitled Screwtape in the First National Bank sculpture exhibit, and Glyph No. 2 in the Northwest Art Today exhibit in the Fine Arts Pavilion. Balazs was a champion of public art as a State Arts Commissioner and created iconic sculptures across Seattle and Spokane.

“Our goal is for guests visiting from around the world to remember Seattle for its exceptional artists,” said Michelle Bufano, Executive Director of Chihuly Garden and Glass. "The addition of Balazs’ art continues the longstanding commitment of Chihuly Garden and Glass to enrich Seattle Center with vibrant, authentic creativity."

Walking Round Thing is the newest addition to the Seattle Center Art Tour. Balazs’ art is the third art piece in a series that was installed by Chihuly Garden and Glass. Walking Round Thing joins two other sculptures, Feminine One by David Lemon installed in 2016 and Water's Edge Years Round by Joey Kirkpatrick and Flora C. Mace installed in 2018. Visitors and locals are invited to experience over 50 works of art on campus through an enriching self-guided tour with a companion guide available at

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