Queen Anne Helpline seeking donations

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Thanks to the generosity of neighbors like you, we are able to provide a small food, clothing/linen, and hygiene bank to our neighbors in need. We believe that all of our neighbors are deserving of stable housing, dignified clothes, and healthy, nutritious food to eat. We ask that when you donate in-kind, you share in those values and donate only food and clothing that you would use yourself.

What does this mean? Do you have a favorite sweater that has been well-cared for, but just doesn’t fit quite right anymore? We would be happy to pass it along to one of your neighbors to enjoy it as much as you did! Does your family have a favorite meal that you love to cook at home? Pick up an extra box or two the next time you’re grocery shopping so that you can share a favorite meal with a neighbor!

However, if you come across clothing in your closet with holes/stains or expired food in your pantry that you didn’t get to before it passed its date, we ask that you please find another way to dispose of it. We only distribute clothing and food that we would use ourselves. Thank you for understanding.

If you'd like to donate food, the best way to do so is to sign-up for a donation slot! This is how we ensure that our food pantry has a consistent flow of donations and that we are able to provide a variety of food groups for our neighbors. Food, clothing, and hygiene supplies can be donated at our resource center anytime during our open hours: Mondays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Thursdays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Food pantry
We are happy to accept the following items so long as they are unopened and unexpired — flip tops are appreciated!

• Cans of chili and beans

• Cans of vegetables

• Cans of soup (pop top cans encouraged)

• Pasta and sauce

• Grains and oatmeal

• Peanut butter (jars or snack sized)

• Canned tuna or other meat

• Canned fruit (applesauce, fruit cups)

• Granola bars

• Individually wrapped cracker and trail mix packets

• Individual juice box

• Shelf stable milk in boxes (no condensed or evaporated milk please!)

Hygiene bar (unused items only)
We accept all types of hygiene items, but the following items are most often in demand. We especially appreciate travel-sized and/or individually-packaged items.

• Toothpaste and toothbrushes

• Razors and shaving cream

• Bars of soap & shower gel

• Shampoo & conditioner

• Deodorant

• Toilet paper

• Lotion and sunscreen

• Tissue boxes

• Feminine hygiene products

• Face masks

Clothing bank
We accept any and all gently used, clean adult clothing, but are especially in need of the following:

• Men's casual clothing, especially pants, sneakers, and boots in all sizes

• Women's casual clothing, especially sneakers in all sizes

• Blankets, sheets, towels, and backpacks

• New packages of underwear, especially for men

• Warm coats and waterproof jackets

• Sturdy shoes, especially for men