Focus on Youth: Cool activities for a hot summer

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Sometimes in the summer, I find there isn’t a ton to do besides family vacations and camps. 

But I spoke to Ivy, an upcoming 7th grader at a Queen Anne middle school, and I would consider her the “Summer Expert.” She had a lot to share about what she likes to do in summertime, such as favorite parks, swimming, camps, vacation spots and special food she loves.

First, she started by telling me about her favorite park, Big Howe in Queen Anne. Ivy likes Big Howe because no matter when she’s there, she runs into someone she knows, so it makes the perfect summer hangout.

Swimming is a must for Ivy during summer, especially since she is on the Cascades Swim Team during the school year. One of her favorite swimming spots that she recommends is Lake Sammamish State Park. If you visit the beach at this State Park, you will need a Discover Pass and can learn more here:

Don’t forget to stop at the ice cream stand, which I recommend.
This year Ivy is enrolled in the Disc NW summer camp - an ultimate frisbee camp. Ivy really enjoys ultimate frisbee and plays on school teams and with family and friends in her spare time. Check out Disc NW or enroll here:

Ivy’s favorite vacation spot is Holden Village - a family camp in the mountains. It is very remote, and you need to take a ferry on Lake Chelan to get there. Doesn’t that sound so cool? Ivy says there is great food and many crafts to do on your own time. Check it out:

Last thing Ivy mentioned about her favorite summertime activities, is that she loves to go to the farmers market and get whoopie pies from the Liberated bakery stand. Learn more about this allergen-free bakery here:

So, me being me, I had to try Ivy’s recommendation about these cookies. I can see why Ivy loves them so much! They were just the perfect amount of sugar and the soft cookie melted in my mouth. Stop by on try one!

On the food note, Ivy also likes boba tea from Queen Caphe! Her favorite thing to order is taro milk tea with tapioca pearls. And she likes Moonrise Bakery and orders a Chai and whatever pastry looks good that day.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading about Ivy, and her recommendations inspired you to try a new activity this summer!