A cat-hartic moment

PAWS marks Giving Tuesday

Ten minutes isn’t much time to spend with a kitten.

The hope for local nonprofit PAWS is that those 10 minutes could turn into a lifetime.

To mark Giving Tuesday, the organization brought a litter of “kitten ambassadors,” to Mud Bay’s Uptown store, offering the opportunity to play with the cats for a small donation.

Laura Follis with PAWS said the event had a number of different goals, one being to introduce people to the idea of bringing a kitten into their home.

“Kittens are very rambunctious and very busy,” she said, “and sometimes people need to spend some time with them to see if they’re a kitten family.”

But beyond that, it was also an opportunity to be out in the community, and spread word of the work they’re doing. 

That’s also where companies like Mud Bay come in, with Follis noting the importance of the nonprofit’s community partnerships.

“It’s really pretty much the only way we can do what we do, because it allows us to reach so many more people,” she said.

While the kittens on hand Tuesday — all sporting names that serve as a nod to their mom, Pie (CherryBlueberryRhubarbPeach, Blackberry, Huckleberry and Pecan) — aren't quite old enough to head home with a family just yet, you can find a full list of adoptable animals from PAWS at their website. 

(Update, Nov. 29: PAWS announced Wednesday that it has raised more than $44,000 on Giving Tuesday.) 

To learn more about PAWS, visit www.paws.org