LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | October 19, 2016

On off-leash areas

Please protect our parks as they are! They counter the noise and congestion of Seattle and offer a sanctuary of beauty and repose. Any off leash areas should respect our beautiful parks and be located appropriately out of the way.

Carl Pitts



On the importance of volunteers to the community

[It was] exciting to hear of 13,000 volunteers helping nonprofits for the Day of Caring.  (‘Giving back’ by Joe Veyera, Queen Anne and Magnolia News, Sept. 28, 2016)  This is the same spirit that helps democracy work.  RESULTS (results.org) offers volunteers a chance to make their voices heard by our representatives, senators, and the president to create a better country and world.  Recently, RESULTS’ volunteers across America, including the Washington groups, have helped make the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit become permanent, insuring 16 million Americans will not fall into or deeper into poverty.  Now the work is to extend the Earned Income Tax Credit to childless working adults, since no one should be taxed into poverty.  On global issues, RESULTS has been working to end the millions of preventable deaths of mothers and children.  So far, over 200 members of the House and 25 senators have cosponsored this bill.  Your calls and letters to your representative and senators can help pass this life-saving legislation.  Volunteers can truly make the difference in our democracy. 

Willie Dickerson



On the power of gun manufacturers

I have not been aware that some of our citizens have been rushing to buy more guns than they need (like happened when President Obama was elected).

What I fail to understand is why my fellow Washingtonians are not aware that they are continuously fooled by gun companies.

The gum companies love it when these folk “panic” for no reason and keep buying more guns and making the manufacturers more and more wealthy. Will they ever understand that?

Thank you.

Zenkosi Zulu