More blowback on Mayor’s executive order on district council system

Dear Editor,

The Mayor and City leaders seem to not realize that ironically loading up the town with young techies, allowing developers to build expensive apartments for them to live in and breaking up residential neighborhoods with multi-family units flies in the face of their concerns of “under-representation” and pretending that a quick move to correct this is by getting rid of the Neighborhood District Councils is dastardly. How many under-represented minorities can afford to even live here anymore? 

Quite simply put, District Councils represent those that actually do the work in neighborhoods, solve neighborhood issues and know the history of their neighborhoods.

They may not fit into some minority categories but they do the work and on top of it volunteer to serve to make local government knowledgeable and accountable. Perhaps it is the accountability that these politicians are really trying to move away from with these misguided moves. Then they and developers (the villains) can bring on more unchecked growth, more traffic and design the city of their dreams. (Read more money for them!).

We are losing our history, our grass-roots up government structures; and, elected representatives are losing touch with their constituents (on purpose?) as the city grows and the natives hate what they see happening to their hometown and have to leave as the cost of living and taxes make them unable to stay in Seattle.

Everything this city was great for has been manipulated and justified by the “promise” of economic growth. The price is simply too high! This is just one more thing. Unacceptable and poorly thought out! Not to mention how sad and phony it all is!

Time to exercise our voting power and save the day!

Monica Wooton