LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Give small campaign donors a voice

Sometimes it feels like election season never ends. It’s certainly always fundraising season. It is nearly impossible to read the news today without seeing an example of big money’s influence on politics.

Each year since the Citizens United decision, we have seen more and more money pour into our local, state and national elections. The fact that we have a basic idea of who will run for president in 2016 is mainly based on how much money we know has already been raised on their behalf. Both Democrats and Republicans are running PACs that hold more money than most of us can wrap our minds around.

Just a few weeks ago, the Koch brothers announced they are planning to spend nearly $900 million in 2016 alone. My voice and the voices of the majority of Americans will go relatively unheard this election season without some sort of plan.

Today, I urge all congressmen and congresswomen of Washington to support the Government by the People Act, which will create a matching program for small donors, such as myself. We need to amplify the voices of regular citizens and put everyone on the same playing field ahead of 2016.

Sofie Madden, Seattle