COMMUNITY CORNER | July 15, 2015

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Magnolia Community Council

On June 15, 2015, Carol Burton, president of the Magnolia Community Council, sent a letter to members of the Seattle City Council expressing the board’s concern that the proposed $930 million transportation levy for a variety of projects and improvements does not have a provision for funding replacement of the Magnolia Bridge. 

The letter points out that replacement of the earthquake-prone Magnolia Bridge is not a maintenance item. 

It urged the council to exercise its leadership by taking action now to fund the replacement, and not to gamble on the possible availability of funding by bonds backed by parking revenues sometime after 2024.

— Carol Burton, president


Queen Anne Chamber

The Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce extends its gratitude to these Summerfest volunteers and sponsors: Lisa and David Koch; Glenn, Evan and Erika Lorbecki; Claire, Ken and Anna Boynton; Sarah Krischkowski; Gaalya Brenes; Jason Moon; Reza Ghobadian; Susan Belanich; Beamar Huttbeam; Kate O’Neil; Dawn Moorman; Jeremy Moorman; Pat Nolan; Mike and Joe Vizzare;  Hossein Soleymani; Ariel Pidlaoan; David Shore; Shelby Leyson; Pastor Doug Early; Art Torelli; Christopher Togawa; Nicole Pasternack; Rachel Giordano; Christopher Togawa; Michelle Grubb; Donna and Kurt Strep; Jon Aslin; Julian Smith; HomeStreet Bank; Union Bank; Ballard Market; Metropolitan Market; Nesteggg Inc.; Gina Saxby; Brian Marshall; Dirk Hallingstad; Queen Anne & Magnolia News; BECU; Diane Keller; Justin Busbee and Rebeca Borden.

— Charley Shore, executive director