LAND USE | July 2, 2015

The city’s Department of Planning and Development (DPD) provided the following information. Written comments on projects should be mailed to 700 Fifth Ave., Suite 2000, P.O. Box 34019, Seattle, WA 98124-4019.

The project number is in parentheses. For more information, call 684-8467.


Permit applications

200 SECOND AVE. W. (3019621) for a Land Use Application to allow a five-story structure containing 75 residential units above four live-work units in an environmentally critical area. Parking for 69 vehicles will be located below-grade. Existing structure to be removed. The following approvals are required: Design Review; SEPA environmental determination. (This project is subject to the Optional DNS Process (WAC 197-11-355) and Early DNS Process (SMC 25.05.355). This comment period may be the only opportunity to comment on the environmental impacts of this proposal. Building permit may be needed but was not included in this application. Written comments accepted through July 12.



1596 P QUEEN ANNE AVE. N. (3020296) to locate a minor communication utility (Verizon) on Seattle City Light utility pole No. 1404292 within the right-of-way. The project includes attaching two antennas to the existing pole. Seattle City Light to make the final decision on placement of antennas.

The DPD has completed its siting review of the Class II attachment described above and is recommending that the Seattle City Light (SCL) superintendent grant the request. SCL will make the final determination on the proposal.