LIQUOR | Feb. 12, 2015

Questions or comments about the following applications or actions should be directed to the Regulatory Services Division, Washington State Liquor Control Board, 3000 Pacific Ave. S.E., P.O. Box 43098, Olympia, WA 98504-3098, or call (360) 664-1600.


License applications

MARX COMPANIES L.L.C. (FRANK MARX, ANDREA MARX, JUSTIN MARX, TARA SHELBY, KEITH MARX and ERIKA MARX): a grocery store selling beer and wine and wine tasting, and a direct-shipment receiver in and out of Washington state, at Marx Foods, 144 Western Ave. W.

NO. 6 CIDER PUB L.L.C. (GREGORY ALEXANDER VAUGHN and PAOLA LEONE): a tavern selling beer and wine for on- and off-premises consumption, and direct-shipment receiver in Washington state only, at No. 6 Cider Pub, 945 Elliott Ave. W., Suite 201.


License approvals

EL RANCHON MEXICAN RESTAURANT: a change of corporate officer, for a restaurant service bar selling spirits, beer and wine, at 3416 W. McGraw St.