Seattle Center now offers free Wi-Fi

Seattle Center has unveiled a new free Wi-Fi service at Seattle Center that can serve tens of thousands of people simultaneously. It was developed in partnership with Microsoft.

The TV white-space technology takes advantage of unused television channels. Television signals travel over longer distances and better penetrate walls and other obstacles, connecting access points throughout Seattle Center.

The new system nearly quadruples the number of access points available to users.

Previous Wi-Fi network speeds at Seattle Center supported email and basic web browsing but bogged down when too many people used the system at the same time. The new system enables users enables visitors to make Skype calls, back-up photos and connect with events and vendors at Seattle Center. Microsoft brought in a digital fiber line capable of transmitting multiple gigabits per second.

The service has a new landing page with tips about how to enjoy Seattle Center and the city. Users can download a Microsoft Wi-Fi app that allows regular visitors to automatically connect to the platform at the highest possible speed.

Learn more about the new Wi-Fi at Seattle Center at

Seattle Center is offering two Bumbershoot passes to a user chosen at random who shares how they will use the faster service on the Seattle Center Twitter feed (