Zaw pizzaria to open on the Hill this Saturday

Within days of seeing the for lease sign at 1635 Queen Anne Ave. N., Zaw Artisan Bake at Home Pizza co-founder Greg Waring signed the papers.
Since opening the first Zaw, Waring's added to the local flare by getting involved with farmers markets. Zaw's kitchen creates a featured local/seasonal recipe each week.
All locations feature the same menu since they operate out of the central kitchen, but Waring does plan to feature new Northwest wines at the Queen Anne location and increase the amount of seasonal menu items to two pizzas and a salad.
Though Zaw offers typical pizza toppings, most of the wood oven style pizzas have a flare for unusual ingredients.
"Our most popular atypical pizza is definitely the Cowardly Apricot. That has for a base olive oil and apricot preserve. We put in some dried apricots on top of that, gorgonzola cheese, some mozzarella, some free range chicken breast and caramelized onions," Waring said. "People first look at it and go whoa, apricot on a pizza? But it's been a really big hit."
Usually it takes one or two trips to Zaw before customers branch out though, but Waring does not see that being a problem in Queen Anne. If all goes as planned Zaw will open the new store at 2 p.m., Saturday.[[In-content Ad]]