When it comes to mail, timing is everything

I am thrilled to see that our campaign to bring back the drive-up mailboxes has succeeded, though I find the pick-up time for the new, drive-up box at the north end of Magnolia Park on the corner of Howe and Clise Place regretable. Essentially the postal service has replaced two heavily used, full-sized, drive-up boxes-with a morning and late afternoon pick up-with one box that is picked up at 12:30 p.m.

This seems illogical when people are double-parked all afternoon in front of the post office before the last pick up. Please schedule a 5 p.m. pick up at this replacement box, and give us options for end-of-the-day mailing that don't involve circling the Village hoping to find a place to park.

K. Kennell

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