Wading pools, other Seattle services to shrink

Due to budget cuts, several services in Seattle will be temporarily shut down.
Wading pools, operated by Seattle Parks and Recreation, are the the most recent on the cutting board. As of today, Parks will open wading pools on sunny days when the temperature is forecast to be 70 degrees or above. On most days Parks will fill them half full, and all the way on busy days.
Some pools face a partial shut down, others will be closed for the season. Those being closed due to budget cuts or construction projects are:

Beacon Hill
Highland Park
Powell Barnett
View Ridge
East Queen Anne at 160 W. Howe St. will be open Sunday-Tuesday, 12-7 p.m., June 27 through Aug. 22. It will be open on the Fourth of July but closed on Labor Day. Parks said the city's budget woes are the chief reason for the cuts, but water conservation is also a big reason for the reduction in summer services.[[In-content Ad]]