Volunteers needed for terrorist response drill at Husky Stadium

Volunteers are needed for the Terrorist Response Drill at the University of Washington's Husky Stadium on Sunday, July 23.

Volunteers will be part of a national effort to ensure emergency responders are trained and ready should a terrorist attack occur in the Seattle area. Volunteers will be playing the role of fans at Husky Stadium when a simulated terrorist action occurs during a football game. This will involve acting out various levels of distress, going through decontamination and possibly getting transported to an emergency room for evaluation. In short, volunteers will see first-hand how a major attack will be handled from the inside. This exercise will also be filmed as part of a national training video that will be used to help other cities get prepared.

Volunteers must be 18 years or older unless accompanied by parent or guardian, unless they are a member of an organization that has received prior written authorization from the University of Washington's Office of Emergency Management (206-897-CERT). Volunteers must also wear a swimsuit under their clothing in anticipation of being decontaminated with copious amounts of water. They must be available for the full day's drill and willing to act in varying roles as needed by the volunteer coordinator. Valid identification is required prior to entry into the drill area.

All volunteers must be at Husky Stadium by 7 a.m. on July 23. They must park in the E1 lot that is north of the stadium, off of Montlake Blvd. N.E. Parking will be paid for all volunteers. A map of the university is available at www.washington.edu/home/maps/.

The drill will last until approximately 2 p.m. There may be some waiting in the earlier part of the day, so a book or magazine is recommended. It is recommended that volunteers bring a gym bag with their name on it and at least two changes of comfortable clothes. Husky gear would be appreciated.

A swimsuit and towel are also needed and volunteers should be prepared to get wet at least once and possibly multiple times during the course of the drill. Do not bring any valuables or items that would be damaged by water. Volunteers must be willing to sign both a Seattle Fire Department and UW waiver of liability to participate.

For more information, contact Captain Mike Gagliano at 425-238-2928 or 360-652-8522, or michael.gagliano@seattle.gov.[[In-content Ad]]