Summer gatherings ...

Notes from the Garden by Madeleine Wilde

We certainly are having those incredible summer afternoons - with the light lingering far into the evening hours. And then in the morning the famous regional grayness pervades. Our memories are short, for a mere 10 days ago we did have our first "heat wave" with all the celebration and whining. The heat was intense, but ever so short as the marine air came rushing back into the region.
Please do not be alarmed with the recent sunburn on some of your plants. There simply was no way you could have prevented this from occurring. The plants were damp tender when the sun and high heat arrived in a time span of less than 24 hours. I had done some deep soaking, but the extreme change was simply too much. The plants are alive but not looking particularly attractive. If they are in a full sun position, I would not cut back the offending brown patches. They will offer protection, somewhat like a snow mulch, for the plant to recover from the shock.
A few brief words as I look back at the 26th annual Crown of Queen Anne Fun Run and Walk. This festive gathering of walkers, runners and other neighborhood types is an important institution for our communities. This year we were blessed with fair weather, but even those years when the early morning hours might have some spitting raindrops, the warmth and commitment from all the runners and walkers warms the neighborhood.
It is a labor of love by all the volunteers. The logistics of getting participation and registration, donations to offset costs, prize donations for old and young alike, and making sure the streets and participants are safe are daunting to the faint of heart. The first-place place male winner of the run was a Ballard resident who said it "helps me know more about Seattle communities." This is good stuff. Also, as you know, awards were given to the first-place female runner, and also to the youngest first place finisher. However, local reporting failed to acknowledge the award given to the oldest participant, a septuagenarian!
The important point here is that the race was for runners, old and young, but also for walkers. By including those of us who love to stroll through our neighborhoods, looking at the views and the inspired (sometimes) front gardens, we bring a different but I think important component to the day's proceedings.
Finally, do not forget to make your on-going contributions to Queen Anne Helpline throughout the year. While our community appears to be over-the-top affluent, Dick Rhodes, the founder of Metropolitan Market (formerly known as Queen Anne Thriftway), saw first hand some of his customers buying pet food at his store. He knew they did not own any pets. He founded Queen Anne Helpline in order to offer discreet help that is supplemental to the city, county and state agencies and bureaucracies.
Oh, and I must add one more remark. I was most disappointed to see so many people walking away from the concluding ceremonies, held at the Queen Anne Lutheran Church at Eighth West and West McGraw. They missed what I think are great features of the morning.
Jack Arends holds forth, dispensing the medals to the winners, always dispensing some 'bon mots,' and giving away all the prizes from our local merchants. The kids are ever so hopeful about winning, the parents love the awards and prizes and great hats. The whole gathering shows off the diversity of folk that wish to be publicly engaged in the community. The awards ceremony, the doughnuts and bananas, the prizes and banter along with the exuberant camaraderie are as important as running or walking the race. Once, I was the recipient of a garden design consultation with Daniel Lowery of Queen Anne Gardens. Daniel is always so generous with his donations, but we agreed that the prize should be re-drawn and we would just share a martini hour some afternoon in his garden!
There are so many other merchants who donate wonderful prizes for the kids and the adults. We need to acknowledge their generous participation by showing up to accept the prizes.[[In-content Ad]]