Street Talk: 'Will the Bush administration be let off the hook for the colossal failures of Katrina, or have we turned a corner?'


"I honestly believe that Katrina was beyond the scope of what any president would be prepared for, so I don't know. It remains to be seen what will happen in the next two years."


"I don't think that Bush will be let off the hook. I think that this will prove to a lot of people that he is only interested in ideologies and not the real welfare of individuals."


"I'm not sure. I hope that people will realize that the federal government cut funding from projects that really needed to be done in New Orleans. I don't think that people are focusing on the funding that was cut back."


"I don't think they will be let off the hook. Isn't more than half of the nation disappointed in the administration? It isn't right to hold them responsible for the cause of the natural disaster - that would be ridiculous - but their response time needs to be worked on."


"I don't think it was as much the administration's fault as the local government's. Nobody from Mississippi or Alabama is com-plaining; they had plans in place. Louisiana was the instigator of pointing fingers at [the feds] - they weren't prepared."

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