Street Talk: 'Where do you stand on VIADUCT vs. TUNNEL?'

"I really think that a tunnel is great. You don't have to see it, and it runs under the city. I come from Vancouver, and they just make really good use of their waterfront. If you can make something more aesthetically pleasing, I don't know why you wouldn't."

"This is a tough one. My wife and I are voting no on both. We are not sold on the tunnel at all. 'Save Our Waterfront' - there is really not that much waterfront to save. We are interested in exploring a teardown or maybe just looking into retrofitting it instead of a brand new one. The tunnel is a nice idea, but another question I have, which hasn't been addressed is: you get all of this nice green area, but where is everyone going to park?"

"Oh, the Great Debate! To be honest, I am actually for the tunnel. I realize that it will probably take a lot more time and money - a good eight years more, be a complete hassle and cost a gazillion dollars - but building a new viaduct seems like building a newer version of the old problem."

"I don't know. I walk or just take the bus. I really don't mimd either way that we go."

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