Street Talk: 'Have the recent Mad Cow reports changed your eating habits?'


"I don't eat red meat. I used to. I am a Montana boy. I grew up around cattle. Initially I stopped eating red meat for dietary reasons, but the Mad Cow issues have made it really easy to quit for good."


"I don't eat red meat anyway. I haven't eaten it for a long time. I read 'Fast Food Nation' and was affected by the treatment of animals."


"We don't eat much beef. I have never trusted the government's testing systems. I think it's all smoke and mirrors. It's like a record that repeats itself. First they assure everyone that the beef is safe, and then the beef spokesperson says, 'I had beef for lunch.' So what? That does not equate with any kind of safety. This is an administration that doesn't believe in science - why should I trust it?"


"I am more concerned about Mad Politician disease."

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