Street Talk: 'Does the crisis in the South make you think about our own vulnerabilities here in Seattle?'


"Yes. We are as vulnerable as anyone - vulnerable to the government's response."


"Of course. I think our transportation system is weak, and our geography would contribute in a parallel way to what happened down South - specifically, all of our hills and bridges. Everyone is thinking about terrorism, and in Seattle you are always thinking about earthquakes. It seems that our governmental system - the feds - is preoccupied with the wrong things."


"It did make me think about Seattle's vulnerability. We are living next to the ocean and a live volcano, and I went through the earthquake a few years back. I think that the crisis on the Gulf Coast underscores how important it is for every state to be prepared for the next disaster. We are not invulnerable. It also opened my eyes to how weak and undermanned the National Guard in many states is because of how many people we are sending off to Iraq."


"It has made me think about my expectations of how government assists its people in a crisis."


"No. The crisis has helped me to live in gratitude every single day."

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