Strange man spotted on Queen Anne hill

Supposed UW student was rude to neighbor

A Queen Anne hill neighbor reported a strange man had come to her door yesterday afternoon and began rambling about his college experience and then began insulting the neighbor.
The police have been informed. Police say if neighbors see this man, to call 911.
The woman who first encountered the man writes:
A collegiate-looking guy knocked on my door and seemed pleasant at first, but by the end of the conversation was clearly rude, insulting, and verging on verbally abusive. He said he was from UW and had been on the baseball team, nearly drafted into the major leagues. I checked and he doesn't appear to be on their roster. Anyway, he said he grew up in the neighborhood and was very critical of my "East Coast" ways, saying the only people who were nice to him were the hot mothers from California.
In the end, he sort of stormed off, saying he wasn't going to waste my time. I don't know what he wanted; he never said. He pulled the same stunt at my next door neighbor's house.
Is he casing the neighborhood? Just mentally ill? Doing a sociology study on approaching people in their homes? I called the police an hour later, and they said to let my neighbors know and to call 911 if he comes by again, so an officer can try to come by.
He was caucasian, 6'1" or 6'2", dark brown hair that my sitter tells me is a fauxhawk -- sticks up on top, super short on sides. He has narrow, light blue eyes, a square jaw, pretty muscular, big guy. He was wearing black basketball shorts w/ a black Tshirt w/ white writing and some kind of high-toppy (I think) tennis shoes.
He seemed really benign at first, but then it just got weird and jerky. He even checked himself out in his reflection in my window, saying, good looking guy like him, how could I just stand there and not be friendly.....(I neglected to remind him that Jeffry Dahmer was supposedly a good-looking guy, too....)
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