StoryBook Theater presents 'The Ugly Duckling' at KPC

It's time for more wackiness and fun with StoryBook Theater. The first production of the 2005-06 season is the wacky adaptation of "The Ugly Duckling," which will be at Kirkland Performance Center Nov. 12-20.

Filled with delightful songs and madcap shenanigans, this musical comedy is designed to engage and delight very young audiences - ages 3 through 9 - and to entertain adults in the audience as well.

StoryBook performances reach out to young audiences in several ways. The energetic performances and catchy songs are great fun. The original scripts include life lessons that pertain to kids; "The Ugly Duckling" is about learning to accept yourself as you are, and about how to be a true friend to your friends. The shows also give young kids the opportunity to learn appropriate theater behavior in a situation where they don't have to be still and quiet for the whole show. There are plenty of opportunities for them to react and respond, and the actors know what to expect and how to keep the show on track.

Another feature: the adults don't have to sit through a boring kids' show; the fractured fairytale style of the productions include elements that will keep the adults in the audience laughing right along with the kids. "The Ugly Duckling" will be a great way to introduce your child (or grandchild) to the magic and fun of live theater.

The interactive performances are 55 minutes long and performed without intermission. They feature adult professional actors, accompanied by an onstage musician. After the show, the actors remain on stage and answer questions from the children in the audience.

"The Ugly Duckling" will be at Kirkland Performance Center from Nov. 12-20. For performance times, please see the Kirkland Performance Center article on the previous page.

'Twas the Night...

The mice are hungry, the cat's on the prowl, Mom and Dad are trying to get the kids to bed, and Guess Who's on the way. No one knows it yet, but this cozy little world is about to go totally wild. ''Twas the Night...' opens Nov. 26 for a four-week run at Studio East.

''Twas the Night...' was written by Studio East Artistic Director, Lani Brockman, and Susan Bardsley-the same talented duo who create all the wacky children's musicals for StoryBook Theater, the Studio's adult professional touring company. For ''Twas the Night...,' Brockman and Bardsley collaborated on the adaptation, and Sue Bardsley created the music and lyrics.

''Twas the Night...' runs Nov. 26 through Dec. 18 at the Studio East Theater, 402 Sixth Street South. Performances are Fridays at 7 p.m.; Saturdays at 10 a.m. and 1, 4 and 7 p.m.; and Sundays at 1 and 4 p.m. Tickets are $11 and can be ordered at 827-3123. Suitable for the whole family; no infants please.

Educators: In early December, Studio East will present weekday school matinees of ''Twas the Night...' for preschool, kindergarten and school groups. Tickets are $6; the minimum group size is 10 tickets. Please contact Studio East at 827-3123 or for more information about any of these shows.[[In-content Ad]]