Son of Framing Pictures

Framing Pictures is due for hanging again. Hanging out with, that is. This Friday, June 15, from 5 p.m. till around 6:45, Robert Horton, Richard T. Jameson, and Kathleen Murphy will settle onto chairs in the smaller auditorium at Northwest Film Forum for another round of conversation about movies. The panel is considering talking about Montgomery Clift, the subject of a three-film salute at Seattle Art Museum, and perhaps someone to cue a discussion of why certain actors become important at certain times in life. SAM is also gearing up for a six-film summer series of screwball comedies starring the incandescent Jean Arthur. And how can it be that Ridley Scott's Prometheus isn't being embraced by the fanboys? Plumb the mystery at NWFF,1515 12th Ave. (between Pine and Pike on Capitol Hill). No money need change hands, unless you want some beer or wine to go with the conversational flow.

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