Some music to consider

The Black Keys do it their way

I wouldn't say I consider myself a music aficionado- I wouldn't really say I consider myself an aficionado of anything really (mainly because I don't speak Spanish on a regular basis) but I do thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in a new band.
I, of course, have my own particular tastes. I tend to gravitate towards and favor bands that have a folk/bluegrass sound, but I do believe I enjoy a broad range of music (but I will say I can't stand music where the singer sounds like a demonic entity or he's ten in his room wearing black skinny jeans with blue/ pink hair. Not to say that these bands don't have talents of their own...). But I also feel that this could be the case for every one, if they had the tools, access and knew what to look for.
I have this theory that there are bands that, if people didn't over think every thing these days, they would fall under a "how can you not like them?" genre, but then again who really knows if that's true. I could easily be kidding myself.
Recently I have submerged from a long stint in the dub-step genre (a sub-genre of techo known and named for mixing incredibly raw, distorted bass notes. 'Bassnectar' is a wonderful introduction into dub-step in case you are wondering). I briefly considered dub-step one of the greatest things one could experience, but when I brought my head up for air, found that not every one thought that was the case.
This does however bring me to The Black Keys, whom you may or may not have heard of (people some times get offended when you "assume" they don't know things). Amazing.
It is, not to beat around the bush, the sexiest music I have found in a long time, if not ever. The band consists of two fellas who have been working together since early 2000s (I am ecstatic to find out they have five albums), reworking old blues songs, and incorporating a few of their own, into a modern rock/old time southern blues sound.
I have been running the Chulahoma album ragged, and I want more more more. The Black Keys is one of those bands about which I wonder "how can you not like them?" and even "how can you not LOVE them?" The chord progressions are simple (as is most blues music) and it may sound like you have heard it before as many of their songs are just old blues songs redone-but in the best of ways. You will instantly wish you were smoking and drinking in a dark bar in a humid, nowhere part of the United States. Any way this is my most recent find I am just beyond excited about. I would recommend giving them a try.
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