Seattle Public Library to end paper notices

In an effort to help reduce operating expenses, the Seattle Public Library will stop generating and mailing paper notices to patrons beginning July 1.
Megan Taylor, manager of library circulation services, said more than 24,000 patrons receive paper notices to tell them about materials ready for pick up, fines and other Library account information.
"We estimate that nearly 150,000 paper notices are mailed out annually at a cost of around $60,000," Taylor said.
The Library has initiated a campaign to move people still receiving paper notices to e-mail. "There are many advantages to receiving notices by e-mail," Taylor said. "In addition to saving taxpayers money and conserving paper, patrons will get information about reserved items ready for pick up as soon as they are available. With paper notices, it can take several days. They can also receive the e-mail notices at home or work."
To sign up for e-mail notices, go to the Library Web site at, log into your account and add your e-mail address to your profile. You can also talk to a Library staff member in person to have your notices switched to e-mail, or call borrower services at 206-386-4190.
Library account information may also be delivered to patrons through TeleCirc, an automated telephone system. Call 206-386-4190 to sign up for TeleCirc.[[In-content Ad]]