Rotary, United Indians team up

Cleanup at Daybreak Star Cultural Center this Saturday

For the first time, the Magnolia Rotary Club will be partnering with the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation to spruce up the Daybreak Star Cultural Center in Discovery Park this Saturday.
In conjunction with Rotarians At Work day and Rebuilding Together National Day, Magnolia Rotary will spend April 24 painting inside Daybreak Star Cultural Center, repairing a retaining wall and doing various yard work. Between Rotary members, Boy Scout troops and the Magnolia Mission Youth, more than 60 volunteers are expected to help with the project.
"There's going to be a lot of work done that will definitely make a giant improvement to the visual beauty of the building," said Marty Bluewater, executive director of the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation. "We're thrilled to have them doing this."
Rebuilding Together is a nonprofit that aims to preserve affordable homeownership and revitalize communities. The organization partnered with Magnolia Rotary last year for Rotarians At Work Day-a global event day on which Rotarians around the world help those in their community.
Though Magnolia Rotary had planned for some time to work with Rebuilding Together again, the idea to revitalize the property of a fellow nonprofit came up just about three months ago.
After struggling to find a suitable candidate in need of extreme home improvement, Magnolia Rotary discovered Daybreak Start Cultural Center could use a helping hand to fix up the facilities. Magnolia Rotary member Muriel Boyd expects the renovations to cost about $5,000, which will be covered by the club's budget.
"This is extremely exciting because it's a large facility that needs a lot of help," said Rick Jones, a Magnolia Rotarian who is in charge of the project, "and it's a nonprofit."
Aside from the tasks planned for Saturday, Jones and Bluewater said the opportunity opens doors for fostering relationships between nonprofits, especially ones within Magnolia.
"Our idea, above and beyond them doing some great work, is we want to continue to make sure we have great relationships with the community because we're a part of it," Bluewater said. "This project and the fundraiser hopefully will get the community a little more involved with who we are. It's a win-win situation."
After Saturday's improvements, the Daybreak Star Cultural Center will be prepped for the Magnolia Rotary Club's "Discover Your Neighbors" fundraiser on May 1. The fundraiser will be a chance for neighbors to explore the Center, eat salmon and support the Magnolia Rotary Club.[[In-content Ad]]