Residents get Good & Ready with disaster-relief kits

On Sept. 28, volunteers from The Allstate Foundation and FEMA Corps distributed 400 disaster-relief kits at the Seattle Center Armory (305 Harrison St.). 

The kits included a hand-crank radio and flashlight, a water bottle, a dust mask, garbage bags, hand sanitizer, whistle and other items. 

The event was part of Good & Ready, a campaign supported by The Allstate Foundation, Points of Light, the American Red Cross and the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes. 

The Allstate Foundation advises people to follow these steps to be disaster-ready: 

•Build a disaster kit — The kit should include water, food, a radio, a flashlight, first aid kit, whistle, dust mask, moist towelettes, garbage bags, wrench or pliers, local map and batteries. For a comprehensive list, visit

•Create a household emergency plan — The plan should include emergency contacts, a meeting place, personal information for each family member and medical and insurance information. For more information, visit

•Help the community prepare for a disaster — For more information on training to be a disaster response team member, visit 

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