Remembering Depression-era movies in Madrona

I enjoyed reading [Richard Lehman's] article on the old neighborhood theaters in the February issue of the Madison Park Times.

I lived in the Madrona district on 33rd Avenue between Pike and Pine for 80 years before moving to Idaho. I walked by the Madrona Garden Theater every day while attending Garfi eld High School.

If I remember correctly, the theater entrance faced East Cherry Street one or two blocks east of 28th Avenue, later Empire Way and, lately, Martin Luther King Jr. Way. An old city directory will Letters to the Editor give you the exact location.

To keep people coming to the movies during the Depression, one night was "pal night," and for a dime you could see a movie and for an extra penny bring a friend.

Saturday mornings were for cartoons and the weekly serial that always ended as a cliff hanger, so you had to return the next week. Wish I could remember more. I always enjoy reading [Lehman's] articles in the Madison Park Times.


Betty M. Evans
Twin Falls, ID

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