Relaxing bus stop closures a good idea for the elderly

Editorial 6/23

Metro had planned on closing several No. 3 and 4 bus stops along Queen Anne. That drew complaints from some elderly and disabled people who needed those stops. They needed the stops because much of Taylor Avenue North is a hill and having to trudge an extra five or six blocks to a different stop - with a walker or in a wheelchair - is not an easy task.
After some residents complained, the Queen Anne Community Council wrote a letter to Metro, and King County Councilor Larry Phillips advised a change, Metro indeed listened and reinstated some of the stops. Too often the people are ignored by government. And for Metro to at the very least compromise on the issue, made all the difference in the world. If more government agencies gave more than lip service to the citizens, which through taxes pay for them to exist, citizens might begin to look favorably upon them.[[In-content Ad]]