Queen Anne/Magnolia robbers nabbed

They had gone on sprees in Magnolia and Queen Anne

Detectives from Redmond and Bellevue Police departments arrested two female burglars who admitted to a burglary spree in Seattle's Magnolia/Queen Anne neighborhoods.
Detectives from our Burglary/Theft Unit met with, interviewed and drove the suspects around Queen Sector looking for homes they might admit to burglarizing. Their modus operandi was to enter through open and/or unlocked windows, cutting a screen if needed, and very deliberately looking for medicines/opiates; jewelry and small electronics. Their entries had been subtle to where residents may never have noticed a break-in. While one woman enters the home, the other serves as a look-out. The suspects are described as two white females between the ages of 21 and 30. They had admitted to being heroin addicts looking for ways to finance their drug habit. If they are questioned by a neighbor, their excuse is to say they are looking for their lost cat. All three police agencies are working to link the cases, and are following up on physical evidence, witness statements, etc. The suspects may have used a black bag to carry out stolen goods. If you recognize this black bag as yours, and realize it is missing, please contact Det. Gaedcke in the Seattle Police Burglary Section at 684-5730.
Police are reminding residents to forget gender, race, age and focus on any behaviors that seem odd or suspicious. Trust your gut, call 9-1-1 to report suspicious activity. Be a great witness, get good descriptions of the individuals, vehicles, direction they headed. You never know what your 9-1-1 call may prevent.
If you would like to revitalize your Block Watch, or schedule a free home security survey, please call the crime prevention unit at the West Precinct at 684-4741.[[In-content Ad]]