Queen Anne, best place to live

News helps Metropolitan list highlight neighborhood

A few weeks ago Seattle Metropolitan writer Matthew Halverson contacted the News and asked for a list of the neighborhood's prominent players and volunteers for a story he was writing about the feel of the neighborhood. We obliged.
The story was released last week and calls Queen Anne one of the Best Places to live in 2010. Halverson's story quotes Julie Whitehorn who helped found the Queen Anne Farmers Market Association. She told Halverson about Queen Anne's intense volunteerism.
"We had some doubters who felt that we couldn't do this, that it would take too much time and effort," Whitehorn told Halverson about her launching the market against the odds. "But I have people knocking on my door and calling, saying, 'How can I help?'"
You can see the rest of the story at http://www.seattlemet.com/real-estate/articles/best-neighborhoods-0510/2/#queen
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