QACC vote draws many candidates

After a mix-up on when exactly the election for Queen Anne Community Council committee members would be held, voting did occur last Wednesday and several candidates showed up.
The winners, and new members of the council are: Mary Chapman, Jim Cunningham, Chris Grekoff, Don Harper, Jack Hawkins, Martin Kaplan, Laura Kleisle, Ross Maddalena, Margaret Okamoto, Alan Panitch, Nicole Pastarnack.
"We had more candidates and more community interest than we have had in years," said committee member Ellen Monrad. "And that was without any particular driving issue like the Met Market issue of several years ago.
The QACC discusses and acts on issues ranging from transportation to parks, and will meet, with its new members, at 7 p.m., at the Queen Anne Community Center, next to McClure Middle School at 1915 First Ave. W.
Non-members are encouraged to attend and to welcome the new committee members.
The council's Transportation Committee meets today at 7:30 p.m. at the Queen Anne Community Center, at 1901 First Ave. W. Dan Burke from the Port of Seattle's transportation team will discuss the Mercer Street and 15th Avenue West corridor.[[In-content Ad]]