Powerful Writer Alex Nguyen takes a trip to the library

Students in Ms. Langsy's second-grade class at Dunlap Elementary recently learned how to write stories about subjects they know well through the genre of personal narrative, taught to them by Anne Mulherkar of Powerful Writers. Here Alex Nguyen offers a glimpse into a special time in his life through his story, "At the Library."

At the Library

By Alex Nguyen

Dedication: I dedicate this book to my grandma because she went to Vietnam with me.

I went to the library and saw the sign. It said "Welcome to the library" and it was a sunny day. I was excited. I bounced up and down and my heart was beating fast. I was smiling and my arms were swinging.

I went inside and go straight to the counter and talk to the librarian. I wonder if she will say yes? I will say a little yippee if she says yes.

I said "Can I make a library card?" She said yes. She gave me a library card form. I said a little yippee.

I fill out the information form. It was very long. I had to read the form. Then I sign my name. I gave the form to her. She gave me a blank library card. She asked my name and tape it on my library card. She gave me my library card. I went to get my book. I only get chapter books.

I found my book. I look through the book and I found more books. I got a few books but I have five days to read them.

I gave my library card so I can check out my book. I got my library card and my book. She got the barcode thing and I flip back the book and she check it.

I went home and it was fun the library. I read two books and the other three books.


Author Alex Nguyen is a second-grader in Ms. Langsy's class at Dunlap Elementary. Alex loves school and his favorite activities are reading and writing. He enjoys visiting the library, and he goes whenever he can to get new books to read. His class is now working on expository writing with Powerful Writers, and he is nearly finished writing his latest book called "How to Speak Vietnamese." Alex is seven years old, and lives with his family and pet fish in South Seattle.

Alex is part of Powerful Schools, a nationally recognized non-profit organization based in southeast Seattle. Powerful Schools currently reaches more than 2,200 children from Beacon Hill, Dunlap, Graham Hill, Hawthorne, John Muir, the New School, and Orca. For questions or more information, call 722-5543.

If you'd like to experience more student writing up close and in person, join Powerful Schools for Last Wednesdays at the Columbia City Starbucks, 4824 Rainier Ave. S., where Powerful Writers students have the opportunity to read their writing in front of a live audience.

The next reading is on Wednesday, Jan. 30. Open mic sign-ups begin at 6 p.m. and the readings start at 6:30 p.m.

Peggy Jackson may be reached via editor@sdistrictjournal.com.

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