Potential Ballard rail routes at open house

Sound Transit and the City of Seattle are hosting the third and final open house to present updated concepts for new rail transit between Ballard and downtown. It will take place at Ballard High School (1418 N.W. 65th St.) on Dec. 5, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Five conceptual routes are currently under review as part of the Ballard-to-downtown High-Capacity Transit study, which will help inform updates to the City of Seattle’s Transit Master Plan and Sound Transit’s Long-Range Plan. The plans identify priorities for potential future transit expansions. Feedback from the meeting will help the project team summarize their findings on potential route options between Ballard and Downtown Seattle.

Sound Transit and the city hosted open houses in March and June and used online tools to gather feedback on potential rail routes connecting Ballard and downtown. The technical team looked at more than 200 different route suggestions and refined the alternatives down from eight to five potential routes for either light rail or streetcars. The project team will have detailed maps and information at the meeting.

Construction of any future transit extensions would be subject to Sound Transit and city policy decisions and identification of funding sources. Voter approval is required for potential Sound Transit investments.

Those unable to attend the open house can visit the project website (www.soundtransit.org/ballardstudy) between Dec. 5 and 13 to participate online.

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