POLICE | July 31, 2013

This list of crimes was compiled from censored police reports and written by Lydia Sprague.

Skateboard smackdown

Police responded to reports of a possible domestic disturbance under way at a residence in the 700 block of Third Avenue North at 8:40 a.m. on July 24. When officers arrived they found the victim and the suspect’s girlfriend, who witnessed the event. The victim was bleeding from the top of his head and his right hand. 

The victim said he’d invited his friend, the suspect, to stay the night, and his girlfriend stayed over, too. Around 8 a.m., the couple began arguing loudly. When the victim came out and asked them to keep it down, the suspect continued throwing things in the residence before going outside. The victim followed him outside, and the two engaged in an argument. 

The victim grabbed the suspect’s hash pipe and threw it on the ground, breaking it, so the suspect picked up his skateboard and began beating the victim with it. 

The victim then picked up a broom and started to fight the suspect with it. The suspect ultimately got in his car and drove away. 

The victim called 911 and gave dispatchers a description of the suspect’s car. A nearby officer saw the car and stopped him. 

The suspect was arrested on a felony warrant, a misdemeanor warrant and investigation of assault.


Laptop laydown

Police responded to a 911 call at 10:45 p.m. July 17 from a Magnolia woman reporting she’d been hit in the face with a laptop. 

When officers responded to the woman’s house on 15th Avenue West, she told them she’d had a friend over and she had gotten into an argument with him because he wasn’t paying attention to her while she was talking. The argument got heated, and eventually, the man packed his laptop, which he’d been playing on, into his backpack and got up to leave.

The woman got upset and approached the man, so he pushed her down on the couch and hit her in the face with his backpack, containing the laptop. 

When police arrived they tried talking to the woman but had difficulty getting her to give them a good description of what had transpired and what the suspect looked like.



On July 24 at 12:40 a.m. an employee at a store in the 1600 block of West Dravus Street observed a suspect walking towards the front door of the store. The employee said he could hear bottles clanking inside of the suspect’s jacket as he proceeded to exit the store without stopping at a cash register. 

Further, the employee said that this person has been suspected of shoplifting from the store in the past. 

The employee followed the suspect outside the store and yelled, “Hey!”

Suddenly, the suspect turned around and threw a punch at the employee but missed. The employee said he thinks the suspect couldn’t land the punch because he couldn’t maneuver due to all the bottles in his jacket.

The shoplifter got away, and the employee called 911. 

Polices searched the area for the suspect but couldn’t find him.


Sideline savior

An employee of a store on Denny Way in Queen Anne saw a man walk into the beverage aisle and grab a soda after looking around nervously at 3:30 p.m. July 18. The man started walking toward the door without making any attempt to pay for the soda he’d just picked up. The employee confronted the suspect, who said he’d paid for the drink but couldn’t produce a receipt.

The employee positioned himself between the suspect and the doors to block his exit. The suspect got angry and yelled at the employee, “I’m going to kill you.” The suspect then took a swing at the victim’s head but missed. 

A customer who was waiting in line at the counter saw this and began yelling at the suspect to stop. 

The suspect then began arguing with the customer, moving very close in an aggressive manner. Fearing for his safety, the customer grabbed the suspect and forced him to the ground, where he held him until police officers arrived. 

The customer said he did not use any more force then was necessary to hold the suspect down.

The suspect was arrested and charged with robbery.


Pizza and beer

At 3 p.m. on July 18, police received several 911 calls reporting a fight between a man and woman in the 2000 block of 15th Avenue West. While on the way, they got an update that it was possibly a security officer fighting with a female shoplifter.

When they got there, police talked to both parties. The man said he is a store security officer. He said he saw the woman enter the store, take a slice of pizza and a beer, and then leave the store without paying. He stopped her outside of the store, identified himself as security, and told her to return to the store with him for processing. She didn’t respond, so he continued to tell her to go inside, and finally, she hit him. The two began to struggle.

The employee told police he pushed her back and she fell to the ground. They began wrestling, and finally, he ended the melee by wrestling her arm behind her back and sitting her down on the sidewalk.

Police spoke with the woman, who said she stole the pizza and beer because she was hungry and had no money. She said when she walked out of the store, a man approached her and threw her onto the ground for no reason. 

Police asked her if the employee identified himself as store security, and she stared blankly for a few moments and then answered, “It all happened so fast.” The woman appeared to be stoned. She said her wrist hurt and that she was pregnant. 

Officers called fire department medics to the scene for medical treatment. Responding medics said they believed she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

Officers told the woman that she was free to leave, but she couldn’t drive her car because it was parked in the lot with a screwdriver in the ignition. She said the key didn’t work so she used a screwdriver. 

A witness on the scene told police she thought the security guy was too violent with the shoplifter. She said she only saw part of the incident, however.



At 6:40 a.m. on July 21, police were dispatched a home on 25th Avenue West to investigate a reported strong-armed robbery. 

The victim told police that she is homeless and sleeps in her car. She had parked her vehicle near the 3800 block of Gilman Avenue West at 11 p.m. the previous evening and fell asleep in the back seat. She said, sometime during the night, she woke to someone attempting to hold her down and saw a strange man looking down at her. She fell back asleep, and when she woke up around 5 a.m., her car was parked in a gravel parking lot near the Aurora Bridge. 

Her wallet was missing and her gas tank was noticeably less full, she said. 

She then went to her brother’s home on 25th Avenue West and called 911. 

She said she felt pain on both sides of her upper torso but declined medical treatment. 

She was insistent that she did not remember driving around after she fell asleep. 

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