POLICE BLOTTER | Dec. 26, 2012

Underwear burglar

At 5:50 p.m. Dec. 16, a Queen Anne woman entered her home in the 2600 block of 35th Avenue West to find a brick in her kitchen and the window to the back door broken. 

It appeared that a burglar found the brick outside the back door and threw it through the window, creating a large hole in the window. The burglar then reached in and unlocked the deadbolt, opened the door and entered. 

Once inside, the burglar opened a couple of toolboxes near the back door and took a cordless drill. 

The burglar also opened a small wooden jewelry box. The victim said she only has costume jewelry, and that she doesn’t think any jewelry was taken. 

The victim’s laptop computer was also taken, as well as the power cord and mouse.

The burglar also went into a bedroom and opened a dresser drawer containing her undergarments and threw them all over the floor. The victim told police she wasn’t sure if any of her undergarments was taken.


Shattered shatterproof glass

Around 2:30 a.m. Dec. 14, a Magnolia business owner got a call from his alarm company regarding a trip, signaling a window had been broken at the store. 

When the victim arrived at his store, in the 3300 block of West Government Way, he saw a large rock next to the front door and the glass was shattered. However, it looked like the suspect didn’t enter the business. 

The victim business has video cameras, which captured what police describe as “an unknown-sex person wearing a hood over their face and gloves trying the doors, then returning with the rock and throwing it at the door.” 

The suspect is then seen running off, out of camera sight. 

Police describe the suspect as wearing light-colored pants and a black coat.


Car prowler’s jackpot

A Queen Anne man called 911 on Dec. 12 to report a burglary that occurred at an apartment building he manages, on Dexter Avenue North. 

Seattle Police responded to the building, where the building’s property manager reported his car had been prowled at his home two days before. The master keys for several buildings he manages were stolen from the car, including this building. 

On this day, when the man went down to use the community laundry room, he was surprised to find that all the change had been removed from the two washing machines and dryers. The coins were last emptied from the machines about two weeks before. There was no damage to the machines. 

He then realized the closet in the laundry room containing the key for the laundry machines is accessible by master key, which was stolen. When he looked in the closet, he discovered that his backpack was missing. Police deduced that the thief put all the coins in the backpack.

The storage closet contained several valuable items that were left untouched, including two bikes. Also, there were other locked closets that the suspect didn’t appear to enter. 

A few of the other buildings he manages reported similar thefts this week. All the buildings that were affected (more than 30) were to get the master locks changed in the following days.


Unlocked door

A Seattle police officer was flagged down by a woman outside a building in the 600 block of West Nickerson Street at noon on Dec. 10. She said she left to walk her dog at 11:20 a.m. When she returned, she found her front door unlocked. She said she might have left the back door unlocked. 

She immediately noticed dog feces tracked into the front of the house, as well as a ceramic bowl moved from a bedroom to the front entryway. Walking further into the house, she discovered other items had been stolen from the house, including a laptop computer and some cash. 

The victim’s roommate arrived while the officer was still there. After walking through the home, she said that her laptop computer was also stolen. 

The officer knocked on doors in the neighborhood, but nobody saw any suspicious people in the area. 

The victim said she saw a suspicious-looking vehicle driving in the alley behind the building the day before.



On Dec. 15 at 4:15 p.m., a Magnolia family left their home in the 3400 block of West Blaine Street to go out to eat; when they returned, they saw one of the rear doors was shattered. The family called 911 and returned to the front of the house and waited for the police.

When police arrived, they went through the house and, while there were no suspects inside, saw that the house had been ransacked: The burglar went through desks, dressers, closets and more, leaving a trail of belongings throughout the house. The burglar went through old cards, papers and files and moved some laptop computers and other items but didn’t take them. The burglar did take a few pieces of jewelry and a birding scope. 

In the kitchen, a glass door had been shattered from the outside, leaving a small hole in the glass where the burglar could reach through and unlock the door. 

The rear door was shattered, and most of the glass was outside. It appeared to have been broken from the inside of the house, leading police to believe that the burglar exited through this door. 

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