Police Blotter 7/21

Sexual Assault
Police responded to the Intiman Theatre, located in the 200 block of Mercer Street on the Seattle Center grounds, at 8 p.m. on July 1 to investigate a possible assault that had occurred between 5:10 and 5:20 p.m. earlier that evening.
The victim told police she had been standing outside the theater on the west side when a man approached her from behind. He placed a pair of jeans on her back for reasons unknown to her.
Startled, she looked back at him and he began pulling items out of a white shopping bag, and offering them to her. He said, "It's free Thursday. Everything in Seattle is free on Thursday." He then asked for a hug.
The man then introduced himself to her and shook her hand. Trying to avoid confrontation, she shook his hand. He again asked for a hug. The man then walked behind her, grabbed her on both shoulders and kissed one of her shoulders.
The woman said she became afraid at this point, and started walking away. She said after this the man also began walking in a different direction, heading westbound on Mercer. She said she thinks he was near the Metropolitan Market when she began crossing Second Avenue North at Mercer. When she saw that he had left the area, she turned around in the middle of the crosswalk to go back to the theater.
When she began returning to the theater, she saw the suspect also walking back toward the theater. She walked eastbound as fast as possible, towards the theater, to get back to the building before he could touch her again.
While he was walking toward her he was making catcalls and yelling sexual comments toward her.
The woman was able to get inside the building before the suspect made his way over to her again. She said she was very afraid and thought that it could have been much worse if she hadn't been able to get back into the theater.
Police were able to locate a possible suspect on the other side of the theater. The woman was escorted out to take a look at him, but was not able to identify him as the suspect for sure. No arrest was made.
The officers asked the man if he knew about "free Thursdays." He said he had heard of it, but wasn't sure what it was.
Police contacted Seattle Center Security to possibly obtain video surveillance of the incident. Security staff stated that they believe that there are surveillance cameras on that side of the theater but that they weren't able to operate the system.

He Said She Said
At 6:54 p.m. on July 3 police responded to a business located in the 3100 block of West McGraw Street to investigate a reported disturbance. Upon arrival, the responding officer met the victim, a suspect and a witness.
The victim said that she had entered the business in an effort to serve the suspect with legal documents. She said that when she entered the business she saw the witness sitting behind the counter, and asked him if the suspect was in. The witness said the suspect was in the back room. She said the witness escorted her into the back room, and let her inside.
Once inside, the victim said, she confronted the suspect and asked if he was the person she was looking for. He confirmed his name. She said when she stated that she was there to serve him legal documents he then claimed to be somebody else and gave her another name.
The victim said she recognized the suspect from photos and knew he was the person she was looking for. She said the suspect became agitated, and stood in front of the door, refusing to let the victim leave. The victim said she took out her cell phone and said she was going to call 911.
While on the phone, she said the suspect grabbed her right arm with his left arm, pulling the cell phone away from her ear and taking it from her hand. He then set the phone on some boxes by the door.
She said she reached for the phone, and he grabbed her arm again. She then told him that was assault. Later she noticed a four-inch long scratch on her upper right arm.
The officer then spoke with the suspect who said he had been in the back room with his kids, when he noticed an unknown female in the room. He said he asked her what she wanted, and she told him she was there to serve him with legal documents. When he told her that no one is supposed to be in the back room she threw the documents on the table. He said the victim then said she was going to call the police. He said she then reached for something from her person and pointed it at him.
The suspect said the victim told him to call the police. She handed him her phone, and he took it and placed it on the boxes next to the door. He then got his phone, which was charging, and called 911. He denies ever grabbing or scratching the victim.
When asked why he didn't escort the victim outside to discuss the situation, he just stated that he wanted to protect his family. The suspect also told police that the victim barged into the room, intimidating his coworker, the witness.
The witness backed up everything the suspect said. The witness did say that the victim came into the business and asked for the owner, the suspect. He said he told her the suspect was in the back room and then escorted her there.

GPS Thief
Sometime between 5 p.m. on July 10 and 1 p.m. on July 11 somebody entered the secured garage of an apartment building located in the 100 block of Second Avenue North. The suspect shattered the windows of several vehicles and stole GPS units from the dashes and windshields.
The garage has three levels, and is located underneath the apartment building. The roll-up garage door is off the alley to the west of the building, and there is also a walk-in door. There were no signs of forced entry and it appeared to police that the suspect entered while the door was still open after a vehicle left or arrived.
Only GPS units were taken from vehicles.

Storage Burglary
A police officer responded to an apartment located in the 300 block of Second Avenue West on July 11 at 11:14 a.m. in response to a reported burglary. The victim told police she and her husband had moved into their apartment on July 4. They placed some items into their assigned storage unit throughout the day. She then locked the unit and made sure it was secure.
When she returned to the unit, which is located on the first floor of the apartment building's parking garage, on July 10 at 8 p.m. she discovered the unit was unlocked but there was no sign of forced entry. Upon looking inside she could see that the contents of the unit had been taken. She called 911 on July 11 to report the theft.
The victim said the following items had been stolen: one set of personalized 962 BDCI Titleist golf clubs and the Titleist golf bag they were in, one pair of golf shoes, one black and blue women's Specialized Crosstrail 27-speed bicycle, and one bright red men's Trek 7.3 F/X bicycle with a dent on the front fork.
Police found no sign of forced entry to the unit, and believe the thief had a key to the unit. Building management said the building had recently been sold to another company and it is possible that there are other keys to the storage units floating around.[[In-content Ad]]