Police Blotter 3/31

Neighborhood Dispute

Police responded to reports of a dispute in the 2400 block of 29thAvenue West at 3 p.m. on March 14. The suspect told police he and his 10-year-old daughter were on their way to the store when they drove by the victim who was on the side of the road in front of his home. The victim had been trying to get his unmoved van to run. After driving by the suspect's daughter informed him that the victim had flipped him off. The suspect turned the car around to go confront the victim.

A witness who was standing in the doorway in front of the incident said the suspect, who lives directly across the street from the victim, abruptly stopped his suburban in the middle of the road in front of the victim's van. He jumped out of the car and angrily confronted the victim. The suspect got right in the victim's face and asked him why he had flipped off his daughter, who was in the back seat of the suburban. The suspect shoved the victim backwards and continued to harangue him with profanity. The victim replied that he hadn't flipped off his daughter, but him. The two then stood toe to toe arguing for several minutes. The victim never shoved the suspect back. The witness said they stood on the sidewalk, about 20 feet away from the dispute, for about five minutes until he was satisfied it wasn't going to escalate.

During this time the suspect had left his vehicle parked in the middle of the street with the driver's side door open, inhibiting other vehicle's ability to drive past in either direction. A line of cars had formed in the northbound lane.

The witness left to go to his office. When he came back ten minutes later the men were still arguing.

The suspect confirmed the witness's account of the story.


A woman called police at 1:30 p.m. on March 20 to say a homeless man had assaulted her. She had been standing at First Avenue West and West Roy Street, talking on her cell phone, near a movie theater. The suspect, who was drunk, approached her and said, "You have no concept what it's like to be homeless."

The victim said she was scared and asked the man to leave her alone.

The suspect then attempted to smack the phone away from her face. He was unsuccessful, but then used a closed fist to hit the victim and knock her backwards.

The victim was terrified, but not injured. She ran away and called 911.

Police were able to locate and arrest the homeless man.

While transporting the suspect to King County Jail, police say he made several comments about being in the military and his ability to kill police officers. He said that if he hadn't wanted to be arrested the officer wouldn't have been able to arrest him.

Assault with a gun

A man called police at 2:43 a.m. on March 20 to report he'd been assaulted by a man with a gun. Police responded to the man's location in the 300 block of Fourth Avenue West. The victim said he had been at a party at an unknown address when a man that he had previously had issues with approached him and asked what he was looking at.

The victim said he didn't respond. The man then pulled a gun from his coat pocket and struck the victim on the right side of the head with it.

There was nothing the police could do as the victim didn't know the suspect's name or location or the address of the party, and didn't want to file a report.

Drunk in Seattle

Seattle Center Security called police to a possible drunken driver incident on the Seattle Center grounds at 12:45 a.m. on March 18.

Police arrived at the scene, Second Avenue North and Thomas Street, where security guards had two men detained for trespassing and property damage.

The security guards told police the two men were in a car driving on Center grounds. They had hit a barricade used to keep traffic out.

Without stopping, they sped away from the scene. The security guard said there were approximately ten pedestrians in the area where the suspects were driving at high speeds, some of whom had to jump out of the way of the speeding vehicle.

The guard followed the car until it stopped near Second and Thomas. When it did she approached and asked the men to step out. They both appeared intoxicated. Both men had military ID cards, and licenses from other states.

When police arrived they observed damage to the suspect's vehicle.

They conducted a field sobriety test on the suspect, which lead to him being arrested for DUI. When police attempted to take the driver into custody he began to actively resist by pulling his arms away from officers. Officers said he then became belligerent and vulgar, calling officers names.

He was taken to the ground by officers in an attempt to control him, during the altercation he attempted to bite the hand of an officer and continued to yell. Eventually the man was handcuffed, a spit sock was placed on his head and he was placed in a police vehicle.

The second suspect rolled onto his back while being handcuffed and began to kick at officers. One officer was kicked in the leg, causing swelling and a bruise. Another officer suffered a sprained thumb.

Later, police received a search warrant for a blood test on the driver, to determine his level of intoxication. According to the police report the DUI investigation revealed the driver was impaired and not able to safely operate a vehicle. The suspect's car was impounded.

Home Assault

Police responded to Seattle Children's Home, located in the 2100 block of 10th Avenue West, at 10:10 p.m. on March 15 in regards to an assault on an employee by a client. The victim said she was pushed and then bunched in the face by the suspect before other staff members could assist in controlling the suspect.

The suspect became irate at the victim, who is a nurse, for not checking in with her after bedtime. The suspect cornered the victim in the hallway and threatened her. She called for assistance, but before they arrived the suspect had assaulted her.

When additional staff members arrived to assist, the suspect was standing in the middle of the hallway yelling. She then turned and shoved the victim again. The suspect was eventually restrained.

Dog Fight

A woman told police she had been walking her small, leash-aggressive dog around her neighborhood on March 16. Around 9 p.m. When she passed a house located in the 2500 block of 5th Avenue West a black Labrador bounded out and approached the woman's dog. The smaller dog took an aggressive stance and began incessantly barking at the larger dog.

The woman pulled her dog away, but the lab was not on a leash.

The lab's owner, the suspect, came out and began berating the victim, demanding she make her dog stop attacking the lab.

The victim eventually was able to walk away southbound. The suspect leashed her dog and began following the victim, continuing to yell insults at her.

The suspect then approached the victim and bumped her with her forearms.

Immediately after this altercation the suspect walked away.

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