Pitchers of love from Lakeview Elementary

Lakeview Elementary School students poured out their hearts to victims of Hurricane Katrina on September 11 as they served up hundreds of cups of "lemon-aid" in front of the school on N.E. 68th Street.

The Kirkland kids wanted to put their talents to work to help out in the aftermath of the devastating storm. They whipped up dozens of pitchers of the refreshing drink, waved their signs and extended the Red Cross-bound bucket to drivers, joggers, dog-walkers and bicyclists for several hours.

People graciously yielded to the young do-gooders and helped them raise $1,000 for relief efforts.

Projects like the lemon-aid stand work in tandem with the students' academics and arts programs to help them build strong life skills for the future.

"Efforts like this are a big part of the comprehensive education we are striving to give students here at Lakeview," said PTSA President Sonia Savelli. "We meticulously design curriculum and outreach programs to strengthen the students academically as well as socially."

While students were pedaling their refreshments, parents were engaged in their own project to beautify the grounds. Many parents gathered, brought their personal gardening tools and took to the grounds to keep the school in great shape.

Lakeview students want to thank residents for supporting the lemon-aid stand. Watch for more events, including the Walk-a-thon at school on October 1, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The kids will be in stride to raise school funds. There will be relay races and food stands.

Come on out and support your elementary school!

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