Pink Tennis luncheon

The 4th Annual Dana Sigley Pink Tennis Luncheon was a smash. Attending the luncheon were: Emily Forster, Amy Bruhn, Martha Downer, Gabriela Beisel, Cathy Wilson, Anna Boardman, Kate Folkers, Julie Keaton, Rose Bucklar, Kathy Fridstein, Amy Smith-Jammes, Lynne Alexander, Andrea Wiser, Ginger Wilcox, Molly Beaudoin, Isabelle Ochsner, Lisa Dunn Not pictured: Karen Robertson. The luncheon was held at Szmania's Nov. 13. It celebrated the end of Magnolia Tennis Flights and to honor the late Dana Sigley who passed away in 2006 of cancer. Funds were raised and a donation made to Team Survivor Northwest in memory of Dana. TSNW supports women in their cancer recovery through empowering programs of physical activity, health education and sports-centered adventures. About 75 women played in the Magnolia tennis flights in 2009. Registration for Spring Flights begin April 2010. For more information visit[[In-content Ad]]