Outage planned tonight at Seattle Center

Additional outages to be scheduled

Seattle City Light's work to rebuild the electrical system at Seattle Center requires a planned outage at 11 p.m., tonight until 7 a.m., Friday Sept. 10.
New cable will be pulled in and connected along a Thomas Street section of the system. The area affected by the outage is bordered by Mercer Street on the north, Denny Way on the south, Fifth Avenue North of the east and First Avenue North on the west. The electrical system serving the Seattle Center campus is aging. This work is part two of three phases in a systemic replacement of the system.
Three additional outages will be needed to complete phase two. The dates of those outages are still being confirmed. If further information is needed, please contact Kelly Enright at (206) 684-3111 or email her at kelly.enright@seattle.gov"[[In-content Ad]]