LITERARY DISH: Eight North End eateries will donate at least 20 percent of its proceeds on Thursday, Sept.18, to Page Ahead children's literacy program for the Dish Up Literacy benefit:*Carmelita, 7314 Greenwood Ave. N.*Casa d'Italia, 2615 N.E. 65th St.*Fiddler's Inn, 9219 35th Ave. N.E.*Gaspare Ristorante and Bar, 6705 Greenwood Ave. N.*Julia's of Wallingford, 1714 N. 44th St.*Mae's Phinney Ridge Café, 6412 Phinney Ave. N.*Rusty Pelican Café, 1924 N. 45th St.*Tutta Bella, 4411 Stone Way N.For a list of other participating restaurants, go to www.DishUpLiteracy.org.Page Ahead will use the proceeds to provide new books for at-risk children, help parents to read with their children and promote community involvement in literacy.[[In-content Ad]]