News from the Uptown Alliance

The agenda for the meeting from 7-9 p.m. this Thursday at 106 Roy St. is the following:
• Introductions: Meet and greet our guests: City Councilmembers Richard Conlin, President of the Council, and Sally Bagshaw, Chair. of the Parks and Seattle Center Committee
• Architects Matt Roewe, Craig Hanway, and Don Miles will give us the recommendations that emerged from the May Uptown Triangle Charrette. 
- What is a Charrette, literally a little Spanish cart? It's a volunteer project by design and development professionals and other stakeholders to rapidly, but with considerable background information, put together a set of concrete recommendations for a building, neighborhood, park, or even a town.
- In May the Uptown Alliance with funding from the American Architectural Foundation brought together many of Queen Anne's great resource of architects and planners with counterparts from other cities to take a critical look at the Uptown Triangle, a currently inaccessible and underdeveloped neighborhood bounded by Denny, Broad, and Aurora. 
- One of the results of the street reconfiguration associated with the construction of the North Portal of the Deep Bore Bypass Tunnel segment of SR99 will be to make the Uptown Triangle easy to access by all modes of transportation. It will have bus rapid transit service connecting to Downtown via Aurora and 3rd Ave. Harrison, Thomas, and John Streets will cross Aurora Ave. linking the urban centers of Uptown to South Lake Union.
• Interact with the Councilmembers on the Uptown Triangle and other topics.
The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 12.
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