Neighbors to paint over graffiti

Uptown Alliance determined to look after Counterbalance Park

The upcoming Painting, Not Art, Opportunity in Counterbalance Park will remove the remaining graffiti left over from the 35-feet tag in February.
The community event, Uptown Alliance member and resident Keith Biever said, sends the message that "we're watching." The taggers reached the upper walls of both condos with red lettering that read "BTM" and "3AK"; it was learned that such tagging is made possibly by using fire extinguishers, a method Queen Anne hadn't experienced before.
But the Uptown Alliance reacted immediately, forming a task group and getting the lower portion of the park walls painted quickly.
"We're going to keep the neighborhood aware," Biever said. "We'd like everyone to watch and we hope we can catch some of them in the act so they can be punished for it."
Residents also put flyers all over the neighborhood that read, "This is a graffiti watch area" and advised neighbors to call 911 if they see anything suspicious. Since the tagging, the floor lights at Counterbalance stay on throughout the night.
"We're pleased it hasn't happened again," Biever said. "We think if we paint all the way up that will be further indication we're on top of it."
Parks and Recreation will be providing 15 gallons of primer and 15 gallons of paint. Ladders and other supplies will be provided also. Bievers hoping to have at least 12-15 volunteers for the painting, which starts at 8 a.m., Saturday, April 10. Lunch will be provided. To RSVP, contact Biever at, or 206-283-9047.[[In-content Ad]]