Nation's first public reflexology path at Marymoor

Here's an opportunity for you that's healthy, free and fun: the Marymoor Park reflexology pathway. This pathway just officially opened following a previous attempt in October 2006. The earlier celebration was cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions - reflexology pathways are intended for bare feet. At last, our warmer/dryer season is approaching: carpe diem!

Reflexology pathways such as ours are common throughout China. But the Marymoor Park pathway is our nation's FIRST public reflexology pathway. As an area resident, you are uniquely positioned to benefit.

Similar to a professional reflexology treatment session, walking the pathway stimulates the entire body via the feet. Protruding stones embedded within the pathway flex and prod the feet as nature intended. As you walk the path, you stimulate your nervous, circulatory and energetic systems. Walk the path and notice how your body feels, how your mood shifts.


We typically walk on flat, manufactured surfaces with feet encased in flat or high-heeled shoes. None of these circumstances support our health as nature intended. Going barefoot along varied terrain gets the feet really moving and working. This movement flushes stagnant lymphatic fluid, helping to eliminate toxins from your body. Painful pockets of tension/stagnation in the feet may indicate decreased supply of valuable resources (circulation) and information (nerve function) that are essential to coordinating your system as a whole. Stimulating the feet properly can promote balance within bodily systems.

Since reflex points on the feet mirror specific body parts, stimulation of the feet can also help to address tension being held in a particular area of the body. Your feet are a critical pivot point; walking the reflexology pathway is a healthy step you can take to open the flow of vitality.


... almost. Marymoor now charges for parking. Otherwise, there is no added cost for walking the path. There is a similar pathway (open to the public) at Bastyr University in Kenmore which does not charge any parking or use fee. You may search online and learn of additional available/planned reflexology paths.


It can be exciting to try something new. If this is your first time to experience reflexology, you'll likely be amazed at how tender your feet feel the first time you walk the path. If you can go the distance, you may appreciate the unique balance of peaceful invigoration that reflexology can deliver. With repeat visits, you'll likely notice an improvement in your overall health and a greater ability to walk the path without discomfort.

If your walk along the reflexology pathway is too intense for you to gain benefit, realize you may pursue another option. While the pathway relies upon your body weight to apply pressure to the reflexes, a professional reflexologist can apply variable pressure to areas of discomfort/congestion.

The goal of the American method of reflexology, as developed by Eunice Ingham, is a hurts-so-good experience. Essentially, the body needs to be in a relaxed state to perform repair functions. By interspersing relaxation techniques and reflex work to stay within the comfort zone, the body has opportunity to rest and repair. So whether you connect with reflexology by walking along the pathway or reclining into a chair, you have the good fortune of being in the right place at the right time.

Kirkland resident Julie Glassmoyer is an IIR certified reflexologist who employs wellness practices to help overcome stress. Applied to the feet, reflexology is a stress-relieving technique that improves nerve, circulatory and energetic function. Breathing practice classes are available at Kirkland and Bellevue parks departments. Information:www.thesynergywellness or 445-7949.

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